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To the Clergy of all faiths in Northern California and the greater San Francisco Bay Area


With regards to all that you do for your congregations and your communities, we thank, and commend you.  There are few who can minister to those in their own family, whom they love, let alone to each and every member of a congregation such as your own. 


We also understand the needs of those who come to you for your support and direction, when they have lost a loved one.  We are here to help, when asked to provide burial space at a cemetery of choice, at dramatically reduced prices.


How often in the past has someone come to you for advice or financial aid in making funeral and cemetery arrangements for a friend or lost loved one?  After having made a few inquiries for them, we’re sure you’re shocked at just how costly it has become when a death occurs.  The family may have to settle for a simple cremation and scattering of the ashes despite any final wish to the contrary.


When a family is forced to cope with a sudden or unexpected loss, or is otherwise limited by their resources, and has only three to five days to accomplish 60 to 70 various tasks and responsibilities including the selection and purchase of a burial location, their lives can quickly become quite disheveled.


Since 1984, California Cemetery Brokers has saved families thousands of dollars from the high cost of cemetery property and memorials.  We are the oldest established, licensed and bonded Broker of cemetery property in California.  In most cases, we can offer savings of up to sixty percent off of a cemetery’s current cost for ground burial space, mausoleum crypts or cremation niches, or other forms of interment.


It has been our mission since inception, to be of the greatest help, to as many people as possible, at a time in their lives when this sort of assistance is most needed. We continue to celebrate our success after almost 30 years of service to the communities of Northern California and the San Francisco bay area.  You may be assured that we will treat each and every circumstance with tenderness and respect.


Please call us at (510) 429 - 6889 or email us at allan.hutty@att.net with your contact information as we would love to speak with you at a time of your choosing, to better explain how an association with California Cemetery Brokers would benefit your church and your congregation.

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